Saturday, 22 June 2013

MUA meets Fashionista!

Hello Beautiful!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know I am a big fan of the brand MUA. They're affordable products always seize to amaze me!

Since their launch, the brand has grown - creating more quality products at unbelievable prices (which is enough to make any blogger's heart melt!). It seems like the brand just gets better with age!

Last week, I discovered that the brand had teamed up with make up brand Fashionista to create a new range of products.

I was desperate to try them, and decided to treat myself to a palette, items to fill the palette and an eyebrow kit as I have unfortunately lost my last MUA eyebrow palette.

Front of the customisable palette
My Palette!
The my palette consists of two blushers, a bronzer and 3 eye shadows. All of the items are very pigmented and come in a very decent size! With the palette costing me £10, I think it is a very decent deal and would recommend anyone who likes to top up their eye shadows or make up throughout the day. I don't wear eye shadows that much in the day, which explains my dark, bold colour choices and I know that I will wear them a lot on nights out!

Fashionista Eyebrow palette
I really like this kit; and think in ways is very similar to the MUA kit. However, today I have noticed that the Fashionista palette lasts a lot longer than the Pro-brow and, it may be a more personal choice, looks more natural.  At the moment, the kit is £3.50 instead of £7 which is a very good deal!

So far, I'm really liking the quality of these items and will keep you up to date with any more feedback I have on the items.

What are your thoughts on MUA?

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