Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A bath ballistic with a difference!

Hello you!

Me and the company Lush have a lot in common - we hate unnatural chemicals, we love smelling good and we love animals & their welfare.

After browsing the site a few weeks back for the perfect Lush treat, I stubble across a new bath ballistic called 'mermaid'. Instantly I was intrigued and the title reminded me of, naturally, the Little Mermaid.

However, this bath bomb is like no other. Yes, it is still filled with amazing ingredients such as seaweed and lavender oil and the bath bomb itself looks incredible in a very majestic mermaid shape but - in typical Lush style - it goes one step further.

The Mermaid bath bomb was created to help support The Coldwater Project - which is a project created by the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. The SSCS help protect ocean wildlife in their natural habitat - which, in my eyes, is a huge deal. So, if you purchase the mermaid bath bomb - all the proceeds (excluding VAT) goes towards this cause. Go Lush!

              The Lush Bath Ballistic

So, after all the stress caused by University - I thought it was about time that the Mermaid finally went where she belongs - the bathtub.


As soon as the bath bomb fell in the water, a very familiar aroma filled up the room. The scent of this bath bomb is that of the 'Big blue' bomb - and like this bomb, all contains natural seaweed which does wonders for your skin!

After sitting in this bath for 10 minutes, I felt so much more relaxed - almost like sunbathing by the ocean, taking in the salty sea scent.


If you love the 'Big blue' bath bomb or just love donating to a good cause and feeling divine about it then I recommend this bath bomb! At a small cost of £2.50, it is totally worth it!

Being able to donate to charity and smell great when doing so? How can you go wrong?!

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