Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My thoughts: Primark

Hello Beautiful!

Primark - just like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I can firmly say that I love the brand and have done since it came back to Derby in 2008.

I have been shopping here since I was a young teenager as my pocket money could only stretch so far. However, even now when I know I could go to clothing stores such as Topshop or River Island, I always find myself back browsing in the crowded but familiar Primark.

I will admit it, not all of Primark's clothing is brilliant, and because the brand is so popular you do find that many people may have the same item of clothing as you. However, I don't think this should make you turn away from the brand. The quality that you get for the price you pay (usually) is brilliant! About 45% of my wardrobe consists of Primark clothing.

So here's a few ways in which I wear 'Primarni' clothing!

I adore this skirt! whenever I wear this two-toned skirt, I am instantly whisked away on a sun-filled holiday. For me, the skirt fits perfectly above my hips and isn't too tight when I decide to eat. The top, is also something I love - and for £4, it didn't burn a hole in my pocket. This white lacy crop top really goes with the skirt, and creates a casual/formal look.

Everyone I know at the moment loves swallows, and this charming top was a steal at £12! The sheer blouse with swallow detailing is perfect to formalises a pair of high waisted jeans or to team up with a black pencil skirt.

This is my most recent buy from the brand, however it is currently in the wash! I love pinafores at the moment, and this one (which cost me £12) is perfect for my more laid back, casual summer day look. I teamed this up with my white crop top, brown brogues and black bowler hat (not from Primark). 

When it comes to Primark, to find the best items you should look around. I usually take about an hour just looking around to see every item - yes, I'm obsessed! But it's my thing. 

I love Primark now, and I probably will forever. If you haven't tried shopping at Primark, I think you should! just shame that they're not online!

Do you like Primark? 

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