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Style Finder - Cemone Warren

I have decided to do something a little bit different today - instead of my usual review, I am going to tell you about my weekly 'Fashionista' & their style (so please, tell me what you think!)
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Having your own individual style can be extremely hard & to follow the crowd may seem to be the easier option. However, 16-year-old Cemone Warren has managed to stand out from the crowd & incorporate her own style - causing a stir amongst the 'hipster' teenagers. I was very lucky to interview Miss Warren about her style, where she shops & her modelling prospects. Lauren Lee reports.

You only have to Facebook her name to find Cemone. Adored my thousands of teenagers, Cemone Warren deals with the so-called 'Facebook Fame'. However, this is not what strikes me more about the teen. For someone so young, Cemone has developed a very unique, mature sense of style - incorporating her own ideas and independent brands such as Oddity.

 LaurenFirstly, what would you say your influences your style? 

 Cemone WarrenLots of things like I love the grunge type of look but   more girly like I get a lot of ideas of my outfits from Taylor Momsen I love her style as it just looks effortlessly hot with the whole rock look going on but i like to give it my own thing by making it more girly and wearable.

 Lauren Jade LeeAh, I see what you mean! The look is very unique. Any favourite brands? or are you more of a vintage girl? 

 Cemone WarrenDolls kill is one of my favourites are their some of their stuff is crazy but in a good way it's really cute and in your face, also a smaller brand that's just started called Thieves of thunder they take kid like things like Disney and make them evil which I think I awesome. I love vintage things but i normally just go in my mums wardrobe and steal all her really old clothes she wore when she was a teenager to be honest

 Lauren Jade Lee: Speaking of Thieves of Thunders, you have collaborated with a lot of independent brands such as Oddity & Slat, what attracts you to the brands? Do you wish to model as a career option?

Cemone Warren: I just like them as they're all totally different to what you see in new look or river island and also I prefer the whole i independent label as I know i wont walk down the street and see everyone else wearing them and yeah I've always wanted to do modelling but I'm not sure on if it'll just be part time sort of thing as I do now or get any bigger but I wouldn't mind it at all.

All pictures used from Miss Warrens Facebook. 

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