Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sun is shining, Weather is sweet ....

Hello beautiful!


I seriously cannot get enough of this weather. It may have only have been 20 degrees yesterday, but you could definitely feel that summer feeling. Queue 'Summertime' by Will Smith. Drums please!

Yesterday, I had such a great day with my boyfriend, Ryan, and decided to take a tour around Matlock bath - A small Derbyshire town with cliff sides, arcades and a lot of Fish & Chip shops. It was absolutely perfect - making me crave the summer more.

It made me think about my plans for the summer & how busy it's going to be. Reporting the Y Not festival, staying at Oxford with my beautiful Steph, going to Turkey for a family summer holiday and being a maid of honour for my Godmother's wedding. This summer is going to be fantastic.

And even though my summer is packed, I am still going to be blogging everyday (well, as much as I can!) - mixing up personal blogs with reviews.

I'm going to be writing some summer fashion articles next week so stay tuned!

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