Friday, 28 June 2013

Website of the week: Scaramanga

Hello Beautiful!

I love finding new companies, someone who offers something different and still has quality, affordable products. When I came across the brand Scaramanga, I was amazed with the price of their items and what standards of quality they are!

Scaramanga are a company that specialise in delivering high quality leather products to their customers. Most of their items consist of furniture, bags and journals and are all beautifully crafted with the finest Leather with a lovely vintage feel.
Medium Leather Satchel - £75
Looking through the website, the brand features a great deal of leather bags - for men and children aswell as women. I actually love them! from the classic-look satchels to the leather messager bags, Scaramanga have gone the extra mile to take you back in time where a leather satchel was a timeless piece.

Large Stitched Leather Notebook - £26.50
And of course, I am a huge fan of the journals. As a budding writer, I think that the leather-bound journals would fit perfectly in my collection of writer's journals. I especially love the journal above as it has a lovely little lock which adds character to the book.

Catering to deliver worldwide, the brand has even featured on the daytime TV show '60 minute makeover' which I think is impressive since the brand is only 7 years old.

Go and check out the brand!

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